Last Christmas, I gave you my heart..

Marjana wrote:


I am writing to you to ask for some advice.  I like your site so far, and even though I am new here, I feel I can identify well with the advice you give to your readers.  My request is this:

I spent Christmas with my new boyfriend at his family’s house out of state.  I have been in a relationship with this man for several months and he has always seemed pleasant, but when we were with his family, he seemed absolutely miserable.  His normally happy demeanor changed to a high-stress and snippy one, he would snap at me for no reason, and he seemed so unhappy having me around his family.  When I asked him why he seemed so depressed, he got mad and we had a big argument.  I drove back alone on the day after Christmas, single, broken hearted, and not knowing what I’d done to deserve such treatment.  What went wrong?  Why did he change so dramatically?  I realize that there may be more to this than I can fully explain so if you can, email me at (email omitted by Minnesodad).



After you and I emailed, it seems to me as if he was pressured by his family to bring you home for the holidays.  This pressure, coupled with the possibility that (in my opinion) he didn’t view you as a “serious” relationship, caused him to feel stressed and overwhelmed by the entire situation.  You’d also mentioned that his family was delighted by you which seems to me to be a catalyst for his explosion later on in your trip.  I don’t know if he was planning on ending things with you over the holidays, but it seems to me that his family put the brakes on that for a short time, but he ended up finding a way to go through with cowardly as it appears to have been.  When you asked him why he was miserable, he used it as an excuse to blow up at you and pick a fight, which consequently ended the relationship.  Long story short, he simply didn’t have the balls to tell you it wasn’t working and he resorted to pouting and an unnecessary blow up to end things.  You’re better off without him.  Start 2012 off on the right foot.


On a different note, I still need your recipes people!  So far I have found two recipes I’ll be attempting to make after the new year.  Please have all entries in by DECEMBER 31!