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I recently met a guy from Match that seemed amazing until we met face to face.  In his emails, he came off as an intelligent, well informed, and fun person.  However, when we met in person, he looked, sounded, and dressed like a country redneck.  I sent you the link to his profile and I’m wondering if you can tell me if I missed anything.  I was so excited about this guy and the whole country yokel thing really was disappointing.




I see you must be from the Chicago area, which to me, the people you’re searching for should have more of an urban and

Western straw cowboy hat
He's hiding under this hat. He's really tiny..

suburban feel to their pictures.  People usually try to display their lifestyles in their pictures so potential matches will identify with them.  The guy you emailed me about has mainly pictures of him in open fields, woods, and hunting.  In his last picture, he is also standing with two gentlemen wearing cowboy hats.  These all point to a lifestyle outside of the city living lifestyle you’re accustomed to.

You also said he spoke like a redneck.  What did you mean by this?  Was it a bunch of mumbly gibberish or did he just have a twang?  His “about me” section seems to be well written and I’d hate to think he had someone else write for him.  Frankly, he seems a little bit country, not redneck at all.

Anyway, I’d say you just overlooked a few things here.  There is nothing in his profile that says he is a city loving individual, where on the other hand, your profile (yes, I looked it up) shows a total city lover.  You should be looking for people that openly discuss living in the city, people that have city pictures somewhere in their profile, and people that generally have more of an urban lifestyle than this last guy.  Sometimes we get caught up in reading a profile and overlook the little details, but it’s those little details that give us insight into who people really are.  Study those pictures a little bit harder next time.