I would like everyone to have a safe and happy new year.  Thank you very much for reading.. see you in 2012!

For 2011’s close, here are a few predictions I am making for the next year:

1. The Vikings will still suck.

2.  I will still have no clue how to do fantasy football.

3.  The word lardcore will be mainstream.

4.  I will end in 2012 in better physical shape than 2011.

5.  Minnesodad will continue its increasing popularity.

6.  I will figure out who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother..and tell no one.

7.  I will change deodorant brands.

8.  I will find a new flavor of protein I find amazing..until the next new amazing flavor comes along two months later.

9.  I will continue my search to find a food so spicy I can’t eat it

10.  I will also keep seeking the perfect beer.

Be safe everyone!