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I have a dilemma.  My boyfriend and I have gotten out of shape and are trying to get back to a healthier lifestyle.  We’re not huge or anything, so self-consciousness isn’t an issue, but my boyfriend wants to work out at home and I want a gym.  Which is better?




I say join a gym.  For about $20-60, you will be getting access to a better workout.  Not only will you potentially have classes, but you’ll have cardio, resistance, and weight tools to use to sculpt a better body, whereas at home, you’ll just have your TV, maybe a band or weight, and that’s it.

Typical reasoning is like this:

Gym-You get changed or bring gym clothes and change there.  When you walk in, you’ve already done the hardest part (getting there), so you work out for an hour or two, and go home to get your protein..or try a drink there.  You talk to other gym members and it becomes a community of sorts.  Good times.

Home-You flip on your video and start working out together.  You get tired and tell your partner to keep going.  He does.  You sit down on the couch and..hey, what’s that..are those some chips?  Mmm..those look good.  Maybe you’ll just have a few.  Wow, the boyfriend looks tired too.  Maybe watching Friends will help you relax…  Laziness ensues.  Your Possimpible90X video just made you lose 5 lbs and gain 40.

All in all, a gym has more to offer for about the same price (or a little more, depending on which gym you choose).  When choosing a gym, make sure it has the equipment you need, the price you’re looking for, and a lack of crowds.  nothing sucks more than waiting for someone to fix broken equipment or to have to wait for 40 people to get off of the treadmills.  Don’t let any gym sell you strictly on amenities.  If you NEED a eucalyptus sauna, a yoga room, a clothing store, and a salon, then that’s something to consider..but if those aren’t NEEDS, don’t pay the extra price.  Just find something that you can use, and use often.




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  1. I couldn’t agree more with Sean. The hardest part is to get to the gym. Once you get there, you are set with the thought of “oh, I will just workout for 30 minutes, but since you are already there, why not make it another 30?”

    I have experienced this before and I have been off/on at various gyms.

    I have tried videos at home and believe me, it did not last for more than a week. I have Yoga, P90X, Zumba, etc. videos as well as Wii/Xbox console. I just get to the sofa watching TV.

    Try to find something you like to do at the gym. Try all the equipments. Try group exercise. I have tried most or all the equipments and I find them boring. I like group exercise as it keeps me entertained and time goes faster. Also, you meet lots of people giving you advices or knowledge on how to keep fit.

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