Moves like Stinson

Brad wrote:

I saw your post with the picture of Neil Patrick Harris (Barney on HIMYM) and decided to email.  I am, what most women would call a manwhore.  Phrase it how you like (Slut, Dbag, user), but I think we get a bad rap.  I am not a manwhore because I choose to be one, I am just picky and I am on the search for the perfect vagina.  Once I’ve discovered it, I’ll hopefully settle down with that woman and everyone else will be just a memory.  It’s not that I at trying to disrespect women, or not that I’m trying to hit a certain partner goal, but I like to test drive my cars just as much as I like to test drive my women.  It may look fantastic, but how does it drive?  It all started back in high school when I lost my virginity.  I managed to start dating the HOTTEST girl in our high school and I’d tried for years to get her to notice me, so it really was a big step.  When the time came for us to do our deed I was so excited but quickly found out she was a disaster “down there” as the person yesterday said it.  I swore at that point that I’d never get my hopes up like that again.  From that moment on, I decided to dip my feet in the pool before having a swim (so to speak).  Now, if they’re a disaster “down there”, I’ll end things and move on to greener pastures.  I’ve been with a ton of women as a result, but I like to think I could name them all if I had to and I never treated them badly.

Is Barney a bad man for doing the same thing (more or less)?  I don’t think so.  I think he should be commended for not settling into a bad sex relationship.  Do YOU think it’s bad of me to do this Sean?  What about your women readers?




Oof, loaded question Brad.  The way you talked about it makes you seem like a giant Dbag, but you do have a point to

"The SLUT" ("South Lake Union T...
The SLUT. Have you ridden it? (Seattle's South Lake Union Trolley)

some extent.  Is it risky?  Yes.  Is it dirty?  Yes.  I don’t know what your “number” is, but if it’s as high as I am thinking, I think you should be tested every quarter to make sure you’re disease free and not spreading your dirt all over your city.  However, I can’t judge what you’re doing.  I am picky on some things and I know plenty of men that are “ass men”, “boob men”, “stomach men”, etc., so you just seem like a “vagina man”, which isn’t wrong in the principle.  You just have the bad luck of being picky about something that takes a considerable amount of effort to evaluate.  It’s not like boobs or butts which are usually easy to spot up front.  That said, I don’t know what other method you’d have to evaluate that, but is that (like the other “boob/butt/whatever men”) the only criteria you have for choosing a partner?  If so, it seems like a lonely existence to me.  Yes, I have my preferences too, but I look at women as a whole..not just for their parts.  It’s much more rewarding that way.  Think about that the next time you’re “evaluating”.