My life flashed before my eyes..

Anonymous wrote:


I just started dating a guy who is a CRAZY driver.  Had I known this before I started dating him I probably would have passed him over.  Here’s a list of things that happened on the first time I rode with him:

1.  He speeds, constantly. What’s your hurry?  If you’re needing to speed, you should evaluate how you spend your time.

2.  He darts in and out of lanes, also constantly.  It isn’t a race and to me, everyone needs to get there alive.

3.  He wasn’t watching and ran a stop sign.  Seriously??  It’s the big red thing on the side of the curb.  Not easy to miss.

4.  He yielded the wrong way on a roundabout.  Yield to left, drive to right.  How hard is that?

5.  He ran another stop sign at a Target.  His excuse was that those aren’t “real” stop signs.

6.  He almost Tboned a car leaving the restaurant lot (his fault).  He beeped, and swore at the other driver, then tailgated him for a few minutes.

I really like this guy but driving with him, I swear my life flashed before my eyes several times.  I don’t honestly know what to do here.  He seems so mild mannered but behind the wheel he’s psychotic.  I don’t drive liek a grandma either, if that’s what you’re thinking.

What do I do?




I am always annoyed by drivers who constantly feel the need to speed, drivers who swerve and jockey for space in

Mario Kart 64 was the first in the series to u...
Me driving on 494. Notice I am 5th.

traffic, and drivers who drive as if they own the road.  I don’t speed, I don’t drive as if I’m playing Mario Kart (though I could whip your ass in Mario Kart..any of you..), and I certainly don’t have enough money to own any road so there’s no sense in pretending I do.  I’ve driven with women that make me want to wear a diaper just in case I crap myself out of sheer terror but spending time with someone that is a bad driver is not a deal breaker for me, though it appears as if this IS for you.  I’d have a talk with this guy and let him know you’re not comfortable with his driving.  Ask him to be a bit more mature/relaxed/non-psycho when driving and see what he says.  If he freaks out, you’re better off without him.  If he obliges, this may be just a little glitch and you can easily correct it.  Good luck!