Abe Vigoda responses

In response to yesterday’s post, several readers weighed in:

Liz wrote: I was always told, and tell every young woman I know who starts to think about wearing makeup, to wear it like you’re not wearing it. “Wear makup to look like you’re not wearing makup at all”. Makeup, in my mind, is meant to accentuate your natural features, not to make new ones you don’t have. To “bring out your eyes” or highlight your lips. What bugs the hell out of me is when women wear tons of black eyeliner or bright red lipstick, You’re not foolin’ anyone! I think makeup has been around long enough (hudreds, if not thousands, of years) that it has become an accepted practice for a woman to wear makeup, but there definitely should be a line.

Allie wrote:
I agree with this guy, but think he may be meeting these women for flings, not relationships.  Everyone relaxes their look eventually but at first, we like to be pretty.  Not excuse to wear too much makeup though.

Marta wrote:
Maybe American women don’t understand.  Makeup should only enhance beauty, not be the cause of it.  I have visited your department stores and many of the makeup sales women have more than enough make up on their eyes, lips and face.  Makeup is not a disguise.  It is an accent for beauty. 

Sarah Y wrote:
I agree with this guy.  If you need makeup to look or feel beautiful, then you’re doing it wrong.  You should be just as comfortable in your own skin with just some lip gloss as you are dolled up for a night out, and you should NEVER cake anything on your face or eyes.  It’s just plain tacky.  Is this guy dating high schoolers?  That’s the last time I remember people plastering on makeup.

Diedra wrote:
It sounds like he’s meeting the wrong women.  I am not saying we should all go around looking like meth heads, but we can take care of our bodies and bring out our natural beauty.  Simple nutrition and personal care can eliminate the need for most makeups anyway.  I don’t think it’s good for women to paint their faces full of chemical to disguise how they look anyway.  To me, that’d be like a padded bra-a lie.  Just be yourself.

Well said, all of you.  Thanks for writing!