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Gus wrote:


I am 35 and recently getting back into dating after a brutal divorce.  The problem that I am finding is that I don’t know which age range to search.  I am definitely more attracted to the younger women (not THAT young) around 25-30 but with my age, I seem to get turned away pretty fast.  The women over 30 seem too stuck in their ways or too spinster-ish for me and I am not really looking for that type of boring life.  How do I find someone right for me when I’m stuck in the middle?




I am not saying I agree with it, but age is a big deal to some people.  I don’t know what site you’re on or what your profile

Cupid (Cupid album)
That is the scariest Cupid depiction I've ever seen. No THANK YOU!..I'll find my own mate.

looks like, but if you’re another 35 year old male douchebag who puts up hunting pictures, pictures of cars or boats or houses, or shirtless pics, you’ll get denied on either side.  Assuming you’re smarter than your average “over-30 midwesterner” and that you haven’t done those things, I’d say you’re stereotyping the over 30 women and you really should be a little more open minded when dating.  Just because a woman is over 30 certainly doesn’t mean she’s a “spinster”.  I’ve met some wonderful women over 30 here in MN that can put any 25 year old woman to shame when going out for the night.  The younger women may see you as a threat in some cases..like an older man that just has a thing for young women.  It’s certainly not an image you want to have, so I’d widen your horizons when searching and see what happens.  Who knows?..you may find someone closer to your age.

By the way, if you did post the douchebag stuff I referenced above, take it down…you look like an ass.