Kristy wrote:


I’m trying to get into the “protein thing” after workouts but they all taste like crap.  I’ve tried MuscleTech (too sweet), two GNC brands (chocolate and vanilla taste like butt), the Jay Robb stuff (grainy and bad aftertaste), and this hemp protein from my health food store.  Am I doomed to a life of bad protein or should I just give up my search and give up protein?




Don’t give up.  There ARE good protein powders out there, but unfortunately people taste things differently, so you’ll need to search until you find one that works.  Two brands that I always recommend trying are Optimum Nutrition and Isopure.  I don’t know what these guys do, but they’ve always been the top for taste in my opinion.  MyoFusion from Gaspari is also a decent flavor too, and all three of those brands mix (with a shaker) and blend well.  GNC’s Wheybolic 60 Strawberry flavor is also one I enjoy.

I have a blending pro-tip as well:  NEVER use ice.  Instead, use frozen fruits/veggies and even frozen blocks of 2% milk/juice to make your smoothies.  It makes a great dessert/meal replacement, and it adds the perfect consistency without being something that tastes watered down or has ice cube leftovers. I sometimes chug my proteins after a workout, but in the morning or if it’s early enough at night, I make the smoothies.

Some women fear protein because they think it’ll make them magically get huge muscles.  This is totally false and scientifically impossible.  While drinking the “wrong” protein (like a gainer-type protein for people looking to drastically increase muscle mass) will cause you to gain a large amount of weight from the caloric boost , “regular protein” like whey protein (for post workout) or casein (for early morning meal replacements or late night, pre-bedtime protein)  is essential for pre/post-workout routines.  In addition to aiding in muscle repair, they can also be a nutritious addition to any weight loss plan.

Many nutrition stores have samples this time of year, so stop in and try some today!