I’ve come to the conclusion that we are all essentially LEGO products on a human scale.  Do you remember playing with LEGOS as a kid?  You’d built your “super awesome pirate lair of terror” and three days later, tear it down and built it into a bunny (it was an AWESOME bunny, but still..a bunny..).

We all do the same thing in life.  Think of our lives as a LEGO playset and our physical “self” as the large grey/green baseplate that each set is built upon.  Each experience in our lives either adds a piece to our playset, removes a piece from our playset, or causes a full restructuring and we reshape ourselves into something different.  If we’re hurt, maybe we build some walls or put up shields.  If we are alone, we add a few more people to the playset.  If we WANT to be alone, we remove the people from the playset.  If we are overwhelmed, we tear down walls and start fresh.

Where we fail at our LEGO lives is when we go in a direction that goes against what we really need.  For example, if someone goes through a rough breakup, the last thing they should be doing is jumping into another relationship.  By doing this, that person is essentially putting a self-destruct date on the relationship because, no matter what they may feel at the time, they’re not ready.  No one is mentally able to jump from relationship to relationship without first restructuring. Rather than taking your “playset” and adding a “new playset” to it (so to speak), we should be taking stock of what we have.  We should ask ourselves how our LEGO guy’s legs got put on backward, how his helmet got cracked, and where the hell that little red laser/stick/staff thingy went to.  We need to evaluate ourselves and what we have before involving someone else’s emotions.

Many of us are alone..truly alone in our lives, and we simply seek the adventure of a “new playset” from time to time, but if we’re involving sex, it’s almost impossible not to eventually be emotionally involved.  If we’re emotionally involved without first restructuring, we’re risking someone else’s emotional well being for the sake of our own.  It’s not right.  After a difficult period in our lives, we need to set our friends aside for a second and completely deconstruct ourselves, then start again from a virtually blank plate.  Adding a shield or building a wall doesn’t help if there’s nothing sturdy around it.

I hope this post wasn’t too hard to follow.  For those of you that never had a LEGO playset, here’s a visual:

Building blocks are an example of bottom–up de...
This is one complicated life..