Things go right

Laurie wrote:


No matter how hard I try, things never go right for me.  I want to be an model, but I’ve been told several dozen times that I am not tall enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, and it’s starting to make me think I am cursed or something.  I have a good full time job as a nursing assistant, but I want, REALLY want to be a model.  After four years of not getting gigs, I don’t know what else to do.  Any help you could provide would be helpful.


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I don't want to be plastic..I could never be a model..



This is going to surprise many readers, but I’m going to give you this to start with:  When we were kids, many of our parents told us we could be whatever we wanted…they were wrong..for the most part.

Yes, this may be a shock to you, but we don’t live in a perfect world and there are FAR too many factors that prevent many of us from being “whatever we want to be” in life.  There are the select few that make their dreams come true (American Idol, Kardashians, Disney actors, etc.,) but it’s not without it’s fair share of controversy (Kardashian’s have money and a sex tape to thank for their fame, Disney actors usually have very rich and obsessive parents, etc.,).  If you want to be whatever you want, you’ll more than likely need to give up who you are to do it.  Now, what if you don’t get your dream job, but can find something that incorporates aspects of your dream job into a different field?

I loved being a radio DJ.  I spent 6 wonderful years in radio and I said goodbye after my radio station changed formats because I knew that in today’s world, I’d have to sell my soul to a company like Clear Channel or be settling to work for a crap radio station here in the Twin Cities.  I left radio and hoped to still be able to have an audience.  Now, I work in retail at a Headquarters of a tool retailer and I blog.  I have a new audience and a new way to be heard (and even to share music once in awhile).  I knew people that left that wanted to be in radio SO badly that they wouldn’t even take a chance on any other type of job.  They simply floated along, searching for their dream job..not realizing that a different job could potentially open up totally new opportunities for them.  One friend of mine left radio (despite loving it) and went out to work for a retailer in California.  When that retailer had an opening for someone in the audio and video production department, my friend applied and got it.  Now, after 4 years, the job is something my friend would more than likely never leave.

I am not saying give up on being a model with all of this.  I am saying find something you like to do that allows you the time and money to still pursue model gigs.  Maybe it’s starting off doing model work for a hospital’s advertising department, maybe it’s getting into bit roles on hospital dramas, maybe it’s doing the nursing thing and having a management team look for model gigs for you.  In any scenario, if you’re ONLY focused on being a model, you’re missing on possibilities to get yourself out there and open other doors for yourself.  You’re not cursed, you just need to take off the blinders and realize the possibilities you have.