Brad wrote:


Have you ever met a girl from an online dating site and in person, wondered what the hell happened to her hair?  I recently went on a date with a woman that (I should have known) had a bunch of close-up shots in her profile.  She seemed interesting enough and we hit it off in emails, but when I showed up, I noticed two things.  1)  She was huge.  Her body type in her profile said about average.  I equate the average body type to be the Scarlet Johanson or the Drew Barrymore type and this woman was more of the “big girl from Bridesmaids” type.  Definitely not average.  Not even a “few extra pounds”-flat out big.  I felt a little deceived there, but she carried it well and seemed nice so I made conversations.  2) Her hair on her head looked like she’d been attacked by a racoon mating with a badger while walking into the restaurant (think the spiky/punky pixi do that was popular in the late 90’s and combine it with a combover, three different colors, and tons of hairspray) .  I found a way to bring her hairstyle up in conversation and she was actually proud of it.  I even peeked at her driver’s license and saw that she’d had the hairstyle for awhile.  Frankly, her hair made it hard to even concentrate.  Even the server had brushed against her hair at one point and I watched him wipe his arm in horror as he walked away.  Do you suppose the close-up pics were because of her weight AND her hair being pointed out in emails?  I don’t know why someone would leave the house with hair like that.

Now, I know guys can be balding, have nerdy hair, etc., but why can’t some women figure out that their hairstyle ISN’T like the one they wanted in the magazine?  It’s almost as if they see something totally different than reality.



I’ve had some disastrous hairstyles in my younger days.  I had the 90’s skater cut but my parents would let me grow the sides longer so it looked dumb, I had a flat top for about two months because my dad hated a haircut I’d gotten, I had liberty spikes, and I even dyed my hair blood red for a bit while interning at a rock radio station.  It was all because someone, even just ONE person said it looked good. I looked like an idiot with blood red hair and even though rock stars were doing it at the time, it didn’t mean I’d look good.  Luckily, I was given two good reasons to start shaving my head and it’s been that way ever since then.  Now, I truly feel I look better with a shaved head than I have with any other hairstyle and I am sure there are people that know me that could argue either way, but the most important part is that I’m comfortable with it and it’s socially acceptable.  Obviously this woman’s hair isn’t as socially acceptable as most people’s, so on a scale from Julia Roberts to Donald Trump, I’d say she’s swinging a little more to the ridiculous Trump side of hair.  Let it go.  If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you.

On your other gripe, lying about weight is one thing, but she may also have been told at one point that she wasn’t “THAT overweight” so she incorrectly assumed her body type.  Then again, she could have also just lied.  That’s a tricky one to determine, so rather than telling her off about that subject, just make it a rule to never date someone that has only close-up pictures on their profile (you better not have any either).  Explain that to people that may email you (if they have only close-ups) that you’re a guy who has nothing to hide and that you’d appreciate a woman that can do the same.

Rather than complain about these two issues, why not just look for people that fit what you’re looking for?


Here are pics of some truly bad hairstyles:

Douchebags are taught, not born that way..
This guy was apparently arrested for stealing the Monopoly Guy's moustache and growing it on his forehead.
Maybe it's hiding some sort of force field?
Yes, that is Tom Brady and his horrible haircut on Luke Skywalker's back.
Friar Tuck's hair ring was the other way ar- oh, screw it..
English: Girl with a typical 1980s hairstyle. ...
Hey, you listen to Journey?? So do I!!


Me in November.
Psst..your hair just crawled to the back of your head..I think it may be hiding..