Reader poll (I NEED YOUR HELP!)


I need some good old fashioned reader assistance to answer an email I’m working on.

Email me back an answer to each of these questions below before Wednesday February 8th.

*NOTE:  Due to overwhelming responses on this poll, I cut it off early.  If I would have waited until the 8th, I’d have been working for weeks trying to tally everything and the reader who wrote in and inspired this poll wanted a faster response.

1.  Which is a more long term quality you’d look for in a man/woman:

a) Cleanliness and organization

b) Health and personal fitness

c) Nice outward appearance (irons clothing, doesn’t show up on dates in ratty shoes, etc.,)

d) Sexy six-pack abs

e) Combo of ___ and ___ (you fill in letters)

f) humor

2.  What is a bigger turnoff:

a) financial issues

b) sloppy dresser

c) unhealthy lifestyle (not in shape)

d) douchebag attitude (or excessive wearing of Tapout shirts)

e) humor

3.  If you could pick one of the qualities below as a “settle”, meaning it’s a negative but not a dealbreaker, which quality would it be:

a) finances

b) health

c) organization

d) appearance (assuming they aren’t wearing an adult diaper)

4.  Your age:

a) 18-24

b) 25-30

c) 31-37

d) older than that, so get the f- off of my lawn.

5.  What is the downside to dating someone possessing the qualities in questions number 2:

a) I’m not their damn babysitter

b) old habits die hard

c) the smell

d) no one puts baby in a corner.

6.  If you could pick any of the traits below, which one set would be more desirable:

a) nice outward appearance, organized,  UNhealthy

b) rockin’ 6-pack, rich, and sloppy outward appearance

c) healthy, financially in-shape, messy

d) fun, fast, friendly

e) humorous, DISorganized, UNhealthy

7.  List a dealbreaker that will cause you to not want to get to know someone any longer:


8.  How long was your last relationship:

a) 1-9 months

b) 9 months to 2 years

c) 3 years to 5 years

d) 5+ years

e) I live in a cave and have never had a relationship, unless you count that time with the badger.

Thanks everyone!  I look forward to the responses!

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