Answers to Friday’s Reader Poll

The results are in and the responses were overwhelmingly tilted in most questions.  I had over 200 responses to this poll and here’s how it panned out:

1.  Which is a more long term quality you’d look for in a man/woman:

a) Cleanliness and organization 14%

b) Health and personal fitness 12%

c) Nice outward appearance (irons clothing, doesn’t show up on dates in ratty shoes, etc.,) 14%

d) Sexy six-pack abs 1%

e) Combo of ___ and ___ (you fill in letters) 56% (the biggest combination was A and C)

f) humor 3%


2.  What is a bigger turnoff:

a) financial issues 11%

b) sloppy dresser 31%

c) unhealthy lifestyle (not in shape) 31%

d) douchebag attitude (or excessive wearing of Tapout shirts) 13%

e) humor 14%


3.  If you could pick one of the qualities below as a “settle”, meaning it’s a negative but not a dealbreaker, which quality would it be:

a) finances 70%

b) health 14%

c) organization 2%

d) appearance (assuming they aren’t wearing an adult diaper)  14%


4.  Your age:

a) 18-24 19%

b) 25-30 35%

c) 31-37 45%

d) older than that, so get the f- off of my lawn. 1%


5.  What is the downside to dating someone possessing the qualities in questions number 2:

a) I’m not their damn babysitter 80%

b) old habits die hard 3%

c) the smell 10%

d) no one puts baby in a corner. 7% (good job Dirty Dancing fans)


6.  If you could pick any of the traits below, which one set would be more desirable:

a) nice outward appearance, organized,  UNhealthy 71%

b) rockin’ 6-pack, rich, and sloppy outward appearance 12%

c) healthy, financially in-shape, messy 15%

d) fun, fast, friendly 1% (this is an old Target slogan by the way..)

e) humorous, DISorganized, UNhealthy 1%


7.  List a dealbreaker that will cause you to not want to get to know someone any longer:

cheating/dishonesty 35%   constant drama 35%   ugly personality or appearance  29%    miscellaneous 1%


8.  How long was your last relationship:

a) 1-9 months 15%

b) 9 months to 2 years 10%

c) 3 years to 5 years 40%

d) 5+ years 30%

e) I live in a cave and have never had a relationship, unless you count that time with the badger. 5% (Ouch..)


Thanks everyone for your responses!


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  1. Anonymous · February 7, 2012

    It’s already after February 8???

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