Love fist

Ammy wrote:


I have gone on three dates with a guy that has me baffled so I am hoping you can help.  We have amazing dates and great conversation but instead of a kiss at the end, he does what I call a “bro hug” where he leans off to one side and hugs, but pounds is fist against your back in one quick motion.  I think he thinks it’s light, but it actually hurts and it’s a little weird to not have a tender hug after a wonderful date.  We talk, cuddle, and have great dates except for the hug (no kiss yet). Am I in the friend zone here or is he just nervous?




I think if this guy is still “bro hugging” you after three dates, either he has issues or you’re lost in the friend zone.  I’d have a talk with him for two reasons:  1)  Let him know his hug technique is causing you pain, and 2) Ask him what his intentions are..find out if he’s looking for friendship or if he’s just nervous the match that against your own needs and decide if it should go any further.

Good luck!