Reason for the poll

Here is the reasoning for the Poll…


I am a 32 year old female and I am wondering how your readers would answer the questions I’ve listed below.  I put my reasoning (for asking) next to each one.  You can make it multiple choice if you want to Sean, I just wanted a rough answer from your readers.  What I am attempting to prove is that people make longer term investments in the relationships they have as they get older and if someone can’t get the basics (cleanliness, finances, health, and others) down by a certain age, it’ll become more difficult to find a partner because people don’t want to babysit someone, they want an equal.  I also am attempting to show that, despite some non-negotiable flaws (your “dealbreakers”), those of us in the older age categories will also make some concessions with personal flaws, but we don’t want to be someone’s mother/father either.  Younger people may look for superficial traits like appearance while older people will look for financial stability and health.

No problem.  Glad we could help.  It seems I couldn’t break down the questions the way you described it, but hopefully having the info in your hands will allow you to draw the conclusions you need to make your paper a cohesive piece.  Thanks to those of you that wrote in as well.  Sorry I had to cut the poll short, I didn’t anticipate the response number being SO high!