Everyone wants some “me time” every once in awhile, but I’ve been asked how much “me time” does someone deserve?

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My husband and I have a question.  We’re wondering how much “me time” someone deserves in a week or in a day?  We were listening to the radio station today and they were talking about people that lock themselves in the bathroom for 30 minutes or so to escape reality for a bit, or people that gamble for a bit to “escape life”.  My husband said it was idiotic to crave “me time” so much because he gets all of the “me time” he needs during his drives to and from work.  He listens to the radio, he has his coffee, and he just relaxes while others groan in traffic.  I disagreed with him and said most people deserve at least 30 minutes of “me time” per day and it SHOULD be an escape from reality.  Traffic doesn’t count and won’t provide the same benefit as, say, a 30min nap.  What do you think?




I personally think “me time” is subjective.  Some people want more than others, and that’s fine, but I’d be concerned if the “me time” is interfering with reality.  Think of “me time” as a 15 minute break at work.  Breaks are not mandatory (there are federal and state regulations for lunch breaks however), but they are nice to have.  There will be some days when you have the full 15 minutes, other days when you have 5, and some days in which you have none.  It’s just the way it is.  The same thing goes for “me time”.  Some days you’ll have a ton of it, some days you’ll even schedule it in, and some days you’ll realize it’s been weeks since you’ve had it..especially if you have kids or a spouse.  You don’t NEED “me time”, and if you’re becoming more stressed by the fact that you aren’t getting “me time”, maybe it is time to evaluate the other factors in your life to help relieve some stresses you’re experiencing that are causing you to feel that way.  “Me time” is a privilege and should always be viewed that way.  Couples and families should try and determine what the others’ “me time” is, and allow them to have that when possible, but everyone needs to realize that it won’t always happen.

I like the “me time” on my drive to and from work too.  Part of it is with Olivia and when I drop her off, it’s my “me time” to relax.

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    Holy crap that post has a ton of quotation marks.

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