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Dave Y wrote:

English: (CCCC) Spring Creek campus (entrance)...
Collin College in Plano..they have a Cougar Hall. High five...


I missed your “is it me” post and I am wondering if you can add one more.  Is it me or is it REALLY annoying when people don’t list their true location with online dating?  I live IN Dallas, and the people I am meeting online are listing Dallas as their location, but I later find out they live out in McKinney, Plano, Fort Worth, or even further (check’s much further than 10 miles for any of those cities).  Why can’t people be honest with where they live?  It’s a real downer to meet someone cool and find out they live beyond the distance I’m willing to drive.

Dave Y


Dave Y,

I couldn’t agree more.  We’ve got the same issue here in the Twin Cities too from what I remember.  People list Minneapolis and they live 45 minutes south, or they list Saint Paul and live 30 minutes north…or even worse, in Wisconsin (not that Wisconsin is bad, but it’s a total lie to say you’re from the Twin Cities if you live in Wisconsin).  I DO think there should be a “location honesty mandate” and if someone is worried about stalkers, they either need to learn the “block” feature or they shouldn’t be dating online.  Don’t even get me started on ranting about those people that list “none of your business” as their location..