Gory details

I was listening to the radio this morning on the way to work and the morning show was talking about breakups, more specifically, if you should tell the person the truth as to why you broke up with them.  Some callers said they’d received calls from exes asking why the relationship ended and others said it was something they did during the initial breakup.

Personally, I think everyone deserves to know the truth as to why the relationship is ending.  To me, it doesn’t matter if it’s as simple, “I’m just not feeling anything anymore”, or as difficult to say as, “Your breath always smells like the back of a garbage truck on a hot day”, you’ve got to tell the truth and let the person know why things went south with the relationship.

English: Garbage truck in Mexico City
Pictures help. "Your breath smells like THIS."

Think about it this way:  Let’s pretend you blew your nose before leaving the house and what you didn’t know was that you had a huge booger hanging across your upper lip.  Throughout the day you encountered over 100 people at work, and no one said anything.  The next day you woke up late and dashed out of the door, not even noticing the booger was still there and you encountered another 100 people, with no one saying anything.  Now, you may eventually look in the mirror, or the thing may crumble off of your face, but in the meantime, you would have grossed out several hundred people and you will have given them the impression that you’re not very hygienic.  Do you want that?  The same thing applies to a relationship.  If you were a bad kisser, had poor hygiene, were too possessive, had self esteem issues, smelled like stale smoke, weren’t easy to be with, had a tiny penis, or had a drinking problem, wouldn’t you want someone to tell you?  I know I would.  Actually, I’d prefer that the person I was dating attempted to talk to me about it BEFORE the end of the relationship. If no one says anything about our flaws (or worse yet, lies about them), we will never improve ourselves.  If we never improve and grow as humans, we’re failing.

If you’re facing a breakup or you face one down the road, be honest with the other person and ask that they be brutally honest with you as well.  If things do end, take the information you’ve received and use it to spur some personal growth.  Honesty is always the best policy.  What’s your opinion on this?