Know what amino, Vern?

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Know what amino, Vern?

Tarah wrote:


I’ve been hearing trainers recommend amino acids for people looking to improve athletic performance and lose weight, but I’d like to know, do they really work?  Are they full of chemicals?  Do they cause health issues?



Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which is the structure for every living thing on Earth.  Your body NEEDS amino acids to exist and can produce 19 of them on its own, but there are 9 that it cannot produce, so you need to find them through diet or supplementation.

Amino acids help with cardiovascular function, “anti-aging”, muscle repair, muscle building, athletic performance, and many other things inside of your body.  There are usually no stimulants added unless the manufacturer adds them (check the label), and the only “chemicals” are usually a flavoring or dye for coloring.  Amino acids themselves do not cause health issues and do not really react with any medications, so I always advise taking them before and/or after a workout for the health benefits they provide.

My favorite amino supplements are:

BLOX (from BPi):  Great flavor and mixes well.  Not your typical amino either, and can be added to other aminos for great results.








USP Modern BCAA:  Great flavor and no artificial colors.






Muscle Pharm’s Bulletproof:  A night time amino blend that promotes a good night’s sleep as well.  Recover while you sleep!






Max Muscle’s Pro BCAA:  Max Muscle has a great mix and even better taste.  Downside:  Only available at Max Muscle which may not be near you.










As with any supplement, results do vary.