Best of the rest

Anonymous wrote:

So I joined Match and I felt pretty good about being a member.  After a year long hiatus from dating, it was nice to see there are still nice, attractive women out there with a good head on their shoulders.  I was a happy member until I decided to check out “my competition” (the other males) that is.  Holy sh*t Sean, look in my area (Milwaukee) and you’ll see shirtless men obsessed with their “toys”, pets, hunting, and shirtless photos.  Sure, there are a few of us that are trying to be genuine and just be ourselves, but most of the pictures are guys making weird poses (a hand on chin doesn’t make you smart), wearing pimp clothes (bitch, please), riding their motorcycles (who the hell cares, it’s Milwaukee-we all have them), or taking mirror shots (like it’s Myspace all over again). It’s like Milwaukee is the douchebag dater epicenter of America.  There are even a few friends of mine that are in there making those idiot poses!  Now, I am having second thought on wanting to be a part of this because I am not wanting people to think I am that kind of guy.  I consider myself normal, so what do I do?




Unfortunately, if you want to be a part of online dating, there is no way to cancel out your competition due to their douchebaggery.  You’ll just have to post a good profile and let those guys eliminate themselves.  Now, to be fair, there WILL be people that go for them because they like that kind of guy (usually the same kind of women that find a guy in a bar for a one night stand), but it’s almost certain that you wouldn’t want a relationship with those women anyway.  So be normal, enjoy the attention you get, and let the others spiral away their membership in an Ed Hardy downward spiral.


Here are a few bad dating profile pictures:

Too dark:

Are you at church?








Too materialistic:

Got my truck and bike outside my trailer for ya.









Too mean:

Nothing says "loving partner" like branding something.











Too stupid:

You sir, are an idiot. You blocked your damn face and you're wearing boxer briefs...CAMO boxer briefs..douche.