Music to my ears

PFTrnc12 wrote:


I like your music choices that you post on Facebook fro time to time.  Why don’t you post them here on the blog as well for those that don’t have you as a Facebook buddy?  What would you say your reason is for liking dubstep or house/trance/techno music?



Yesterday on my Facebook page, I posted that I don’t dance.  I am awful at it and it is one of the most stressful things for me to do.  I can’t tell you the level of anxiety I feel when I am pushed out on a dancefloor and expected to move.  However, one of my dream vacations is to go to Germany or Ibiza and go to a rave.  A REAL rave, not the club things that we see here in America.  I want to go to a warehouse or gigantic cave and just witness the fantastic environment, the lasers, the lights, the music, and the people.  I want to see 6 hours of music fly by in a haze of moving bodies, drinks, lights, and fun..then I want to stumble out of the place to see the sunrise, feeling like I did something amazing for one night..something that many people don’t get a chance to do in their lifetime.  I can’t say I wouldn’t try to dance, and I can’t say that I would.  I just think that this environment would be the perfect to feel free and completely unchained from the world in which we all live.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the finances to do anything like that, and I won’t have them for the foreseeable future, so I live vicariously through the music.  It’s also good music to do some serious cardio to at the gym.  It’s got a relatively steady beat and it always builds toward the end which, for me, is the “push” moment to see what your body can really handle. And, in a few of these videos below, Emma Hewitt is a rather attractive woman to watch in a video.

Here are a few songs I’ve posted on Facebook:

Here are a few more I love to listen to: