Alan’s thick (shakes)

Alan24 wrote:


I have been reading your blog and have found many supportive articles backing the advice you’re giving.  I have tried many of the recommendations you’ve given and had great success.  The only one I can’t get over is the protein drinks after a workout.  When I mix the protein and milk, it gets clumpy and is hard to swallow without becoming nauseated.  Is there anything I can do to fix this?


English: Alan Thicke attending the "Night...
Alan Thicke...who may or may not drink protein shakes.



Of course there is Alan.  Have you tried a blender or a shaker bottle?  Many people just try the “mix with spoon” method and that is rarely ever a good idea.  The best shaker bottle I’ve used is the one with the steel blender ball in it that breaks up clumps, but on a daily basis, I blend smoothies.  I almost always mix in fruit with my protein to get a protein and carb mix for after a workout, since many nutritionists recommend that you get both within 45 minutes of every workout.   If the protein is still thick, try using ice cold water instead of milk.  It makes for a more watery consistency for those not accustomed to drinking things like milk.

If all else fails, keep in mind there ARE ready to drink protein tubes in fruit flavors along with ready to drink bottles of protein shakes that you can pick up too.  Hopefully you find something that works.