NDD29 wrote:


I know you’re a little on the left when it comes to politics and you prefer to keep them out of the site, but I have one question as I watch this year’s election unfold.  Doesn’t it seem like both sides are pushing a big government and both sides are saying they’re not?  Case in point:

Republicans want to pass all sorts of laws banning abortion, banning the teaching of sex ed in schools, banning the teaching of creationism versus evolution in schools, banning the proper teaching of history in schools, controlling religion, banning birth control, making non-procreation sex illegal, and even outlawing porn (yes, Santorum is against porn of all things..).  Democrats are regulating our food, our taxes, and our health.  Even Ron Paul is on the “making laws bandwagon” and I guess I don’t see why either side should be making all of these restrictions if neither side wants them.  What do yo uthink?




This is a slippery slope.  I think some people on both sides want more regulation of the things you listed above, but in my opinion, the Democrat regulations seem much more healthy and much better for society that the Republican ones.  I’d like to know that my daughter will be taught sexual education by someone that won’t try to infuse religion into it (I’ll do that myself if I choose).  I’d like to be able to present her with accurate historical facts about past events and even evolution and not infuse it with religion (science and religion are not intertwined in my opinion, though they run parallel at times), and I think birth control and porn are a person’s choice and shouldn’t be mandated OR banned.  Personally, I am all for people paying fair taxes, eating healthier, and living a better lifestyle.

Do I think either side should be passing laws regulating these things?  No.  I think there are bigger issues in which our government should be focusing on, and they’ve all got their priorities wrong.  Instead of regulation in these areas, I’d be more for an incentive program.  Want to live a healthier lifestyle?  How about a food stamp program to buy healthier foods?  Want to teach factual classes on history/science/birth control?  Here’s money for your school and let the parents infuse religion into things at home.  Want to make everyone pay fair taxes?  No incentive here, just eliminate social welfare and tax loopholes and watch the money pour in.

I’d rather not go more in depth in the little details of each one, but I think you get my point.  Yes, you’re right, both sides are pushing for more regulation, and to me, both sides need to wake up and stop alienating the other half of the country.  What’s wrong with being in the middle?  Why can’t we find politicians that are moderate with taxing, open minded about sexuality and about science, and moderate in taxing but strict on eliminating grey areas of government?  Why can’t we find a president that will let people make their own choices on some of these issues while working on the larger ones? I will guarantee those people are out there, but they’re not seen.  It’s time we start seeing them.  We need to get back to our own lives and making them better, rather than judging other people for their decisions.