To call or not to call..

Allison wrote:


I have a dilemma.  I really like this guy and he says he really likes me, but I am always the one calling him.  He doesn’t call me at all, and when I DO call him, he is very short with me on the phone and doesn’t want to chat.  Yet, when we get some alone time, he wants to kiss me and stuff but not just hang out.  He says he really cares about me and he acts like it, but why won’t he talk to me or hang out with me?




I’m going to go ahead and guess you’re relatively young.  If that’s not true, I’ll say that you’re new to dating?  This guy doesn’t care about you.  He cares about getting into your pants.  If a guy can’t talk to you on the phone, if you have to do all of the calling, and if he can’t just hang out with you without climbing all over you, he’s purely interested in physical aspects and not in the relationship.  Your best bet is to let this guy go and let him grow up.  Depending on how old you are, you may want to even wait on dating until after the horny teen years are over.  If you’re older, you may want to evaluate the quality of man you’re pursuing.