Push up madness

Freckelz623 wrote:


Since I turned 25, I’ve had one short lived relationship after the other.  It always went the same way:  I’d find someone, start getting to know them, we’d make out (or in a few occasions have sex), and things would begin to change.  A week or so later, the guy would usually break things off.  I tried waiting on the physical stuff, but it always happened that way when the physical stuff came into play.  I first wondered if my coochie stunk.  Several guys I asked said it did not.  I then wondered if I had the “guy’s worst nightmare” of bitter nipple (where your bra is either dirty or you’re sweating and as a result your nipples taste bad), but several guys also said that wasn’t the issue.  Finally, after one guy stopped talking to me, I mustered up enough courage to ask him why.  His response?  “You lied.”

I lied?  How?  I asked him.  “Your bras are SUUUUPER padded,” he said.  “It makes you look like a C or D cup, but you’re an A cup and it’s a really big lie and a letdown when a guy finds out you’re much smaller than you’re making it appear.”  He went on and told me that he didn’t care about boobs or boob size, but it made him feel like he’d been deceived and he couldn’t deal with it.  I called a few of the other guys (that I still talked to when we ran into each other around town) and they all (reluctantly) verified the same thing.   Every single guy said they wanted a woman that was either comfortable with her shape or had implants.  Padded bras didn’t cut it.

I was shocked.  I wasn’t getting implants and I didn’t feel like I should get rid of my bras.  I did though.  I went down bit by bit to a bra that is now almost completely unpadded and I even go braless at times.  I’ve even kept a relationship for over 6 months and he loves my breasts.  I told him my story and he ALSO agreed that a super padded bra is a deal breaker for him.  I don’t know how many women know this, but I wanted to pass it along. Guys want a woman that is comfortable with who she is and one that doesn’t lie about it with padding and cushions.

Keep up the great work!



Thanks for the input!  I totally agree with the guys.  A tiny bit of padding is okay, but if you’re an A cup disguised as a D, I will cry inside when I discover that.  Any guy would.  And bitter nipple is awful as well.  Women and men both need to be comfortable with their appearance or they need to put in the effort to change it.  Padding is not effort..it is a lie.  It’s like gluing a Mercedes logo on a Chevy Impala.  It’s just not the same thing.