I figured it out.  I think I have figured out what ONE thing makes a relationship work or fail.  It’s not money, image, success, romance, sex, or a combination of those things.  It’s faith, and I don’t mean religious faith either, though this could also be used to explain why religious faith in some is stronger than others.

All of the money in the world can’t buy faith and no amount of fame or sex or even romance will ever come close to the importance of faith in a relationship.  Faith is the keystone of the relationship and without it, the relationship will fail.  I know you’re probably asking yourself, “What about love?”  To that, I’d ask, “What is all of the love in the world worth if you don’t have the faith that your love is strong enough to last through anything?”
The movie “The Village” has a perfect example of faith in a relationship.  When the village is invaded by “beasts” and the town is in a panic, Ivy (who is blind) stands in the doorway of her home and holds out her hand because she has faith that Lucius (her true love) will find her, take her hand, and lead her to safety.  Every time she needs him, he is there.  She has faith that with him, everything will be okay, and he never lets her down.  Later, when Lucius needs her, she must wander the forest blindly in order to get him the help that he needs.  She believes in him and wants him to feel he can believe in her.

I feel that when all is said and done, we want to believe in the person we’re with.  When they say they’ll do something, it gets done.  When they say they’ll be home, they are.  When they say they’ll call, they call.  When they say they love you, you feel it…and when they say everything will be okay, you know it will be okay.

To build faith is difficult, to keep it is even harder.  If someone puts their faith in you, don’t let them down.