Sugar daddy

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I’ve got financial issues.  I’m two years out of college and can’t find a job that pays more than $30,000 a year.  Now, my rent is rising, my loan payments are increasing, and my wages aren’t matching the debt, so I fear I’ll have to file for bankruptcy.  I have a friend (we’ll call her Sally) who suggested I try the online dating world and create a profile that states I am looking for a “sugar daddy” so I can get my debt taken care of and just date a rich guy looking for arm candy.  She did it, and she even found the right guy.  They’re married now and she doesn’t even have to work.  She travels and does whatever she wants.  I am 25 and attractive, but I’d feel pretty whorish for doing something like that.  There aer sites out there for this kind of thing, so is this kind of situation normal these days?  Should I reconsider and make a profile just to see what happens? 


Sugar Daddy (candy)
I f*cking HATE caramel.


I think “sugar daddy” situations ARE whorish.  You’re essentially selling yourself and your time to the highest bidder.  You have limitless potential and limitless options for your life, so why would you throw it all away by putting a dollar sign on it?  Maybe you’re stuck in your area with no job offers coming in, but why aren’t you working TWO jobs to get ahead?  Is your social life more important than your bills?  It better not be.  Have you looked outside of your area?  Are you willing to move?  If you have kids and have to remain in the area, I’d be a bit more understanding, but here you are..fresh out of college and ready to work.  Do something about it rather than trying a “get rich” scheme of dating a guy that (in all actuality) may or may not be rich.

You got yourself into this mess and you need to get yourself out of it.  I don’t know what your degree is in, but unless it’s a Bachelor’s of Science in Making Snowballs in Hell, I think you can get a good job if you look hard enough and put in some effort.  You may need to work two jobs for a bit, you may need to sacrifice your social life for awhile, and you may be feeling like this is a big task (and you’d be is), but you can do it.

Don’t go for money.  Money doesn’t bring happiness.  Love brings happiness.  I have a sign in my home that reads:  “There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.”  It’s a quote by a French woman.  The French may not know deodorant, but they know love.

Good luck!