The guy in the corner with the bazooka

I’ve always been a guy that doesn’t shy away from something that needs to be done.  If it’s stopping someone from beating someone up, if it’s taking care of a carjacker, if it’s telling people the truth they NEED to hear, and even if there is something wrong at work that needs to be done.  Where most people talk about doing something, I’m the guy that actually does something.  If it were a movie, I’d be the quiet guy in the corner with the bazooka in his booth, calmly enjoying a cup of coffee.  THAT’s the guy you go to..not the toughest looking guy in the room.

Anyway, I’ve taken on a task at work that has been a decade long problem.  It deals with all sorts of stuff like inventory, distribution, receiving, shipping, and stock.  It’s been a constant thorn in our side for over ten years from what I know, and it hasn’t been addressed.  It’s losing us money and I am putting a stop to it.  I addressed it by doing something that is forcing every party involved to deal with it.  Now, with everyone talking, the problem may end up being handled this year..after a decade of issues.  People are understandably upset, stressed, emotional and crabby, and rightfully so.  However, I didn’t cost the company any money in my actions AND I brought the issue to light in a way that makes everyone aware of the underlying issues all at the same time.  Now, no one can pass the blame to a different department because everyone realizes that the issues are interconnected.

I’m paid to do a job and I would like to think I do it well.  I manage space (think 3D Tetris on a national scale) and I stick within the boundaries I am given.  Some may call that stubborn, but I’d call that consistent.  I don’t get cocky, I don’t take unnecessary risks, and for the most part, I keep to myself.  Part of my job is also to save the company time and money and by doing what I did, I think that goal will be accomplished.

I had a tumble last week with a missed opportunity.  I’m happy now.  Things could be better, and it’s up to me to get them there.  I’m hanging in there.  Thanks for the emails.