An urgent appeal from Minnesodad

So it turns out nothing is forever.  I was told today that I no longer have a job at Northern Tool.  I am not sure as to why yet, but if I can, I will share more info as I can.

I am looking for employment, but in today’s economy, I am worried as to how long it will be before I find something.

It was one of those jobs you stay with because you like the people you work with.  Northern didn’t pay the industry standard and I have been living paycheck to paycheck.  Things are tight as a single dad but I did the best I could.  I need to find something soon, because I can’t afford groceries next week..let alone a house payment at the end of May.  Car payments, student loans, credit cards, and such are also coming up.

The “big thing” that I’d hoped for was a new job,  but the opportunity passed and this position fell away beneath me.  If anyone has a well-off relative that would like to donate to my cause (ha ha) or if anyone out there would like me to advertise their business (or if anyone knows of any FT positions in my area), please contact me and/or share this post until I get back onto my feet.

Thank you all for reading over the years.  I hope to continue this blog well into the future..I just need to get life sorted out right now.