Rolling like thunder under the covers

Shelly wrote:


I have a problem.  It’s not with anyone except myself, but I am worried that it will ruin things with a guy that I’ve just started dating.  For some reason, I really like this guy, but even just spending time with him makes me gassy. 

I’ve started spending nights at his place, and I find myself farting myself awake.  He’s a heavy sleeper (or he pretends he is), and I am worried that he’ll be grossed out by one of my night bombs, should he ever smell it.  I’ve tried eating better, eating less, drinking less, drinking more water, and even bean-o pills, but nothing works.  I keep night farting.

Is this normal, or did something go mysteriously wrong with me?  Could it be a biological reaction to this guy?  Any help you can provide would be wonderful.



I’ve tackled this issue for the daytime hours but night farting is actually pretty common.  It can be diet, alcohol intake, nerves, or a host of other things.  My rule is, if you subconsciously rip one mid-slumber, then you’re not at fault for anything.  If you squeeze one out while awake, you’re totally at fault. I’ve been farted on hundreds of times while sleeping and I’d imagine that I’ve farted hundreds of times myself.  When it all comes down to it, you just have to hope your partner isn’t awake to smell it.  That is a rude awakening, if there ever was one.

Over time, your nerves about this guy will settle and you’ll fart less.  Keep eating healthy, scale back on the alcohol and dairy before bed and see what happens in the long run.  If all else fails, try to invent this: