Kelly wrote: 

I just started dating a guy that has it all.  He is successful, hot, healthy, and really into me.  The downside, you ask?  His house smells like wet dog and I can’t handle being over there.  At first I thought it was me, but I brought a friend to meet him one time and she smelled it too.  If he had a dog, I would understand, but he doesn’t.  Not even a stinky relative living there.  How do I talk to him about this?  Do you think he could be so used to it that he can’t smell it?


It COULD be totally possible that he is used to it.  I once went on a date with a woman who had a place that reeked of B.O…so bad it almost made me gag and yet, she wasn’t even affected.

I would come straight out with it and let him know what kind of nasal assault you face when you enter his home.  If you care enough about him, try to work as a team and determine the cause of the pooch stink and then eliminate it.  If he becomes defensive or gets upset, you’ll need to decide if the stink is a dealbreaker.

Good luck!