Those of you that have ever talked “running” with me know that I prefer running indoors to running outdoors (yes, even on nice days) because it limits distractions.

However, with so much on my mind (and a very nice day), I decided I NEEDED to run outside to distract myself for a bit.  I popped on the iPod with some Skrillex and Glitch Mob, some Silversun Pickups, and some Scars on 45 and I took off.  I ran like I would outrun all of the stresses in my life and when I got tired, I just kept running.The only time I can remember thinking anything on my run was when I was just about at the two mile mark.  I remembered thinking, “this sweat is blinding me”, and pushing it to the two mile mark before walking for a bit.

I think I was so determined to do well at Northern that I didn’t take vacations often enough to enjoy days like this.  When the next job comes, I need to remember that a vacation isn’t bad..its needed once in awhile.