Anonymous wrote:

I think my friend is in denial that her boyfriend is gay.  I am a guy myself and I hate the fact that I am about to stereotype, but here is what I see:

1.  They’ve dated for a year and have only fooled around when he has been drunk.  No sex.

2.  He is ultra feminine and overly metrosexual.  He wears $200 skinny jeans, accessorizes with everything he wears, and he wears eyeliner.

3.  He has never had a girlfriend before my friend and doesn’t like talking about his dating experiences.

4.  He shops at Banana Republic weekly, which to any straight guy is a dead giveaway..

5.  He listens to sugary boyband/girlband pop music and even dances along.

6.  He doesn’t like sports.

The reason I am concerned is because I think he is dating my friend to mooch off of her.  He acts all loving and gets her to buy him clothes and stuff.  I want her to wake up and see she is being used, but she says he just wants to take things slow.  What do you think?  What should I do?


I’ve said this a thousand times:  “There are two dead giveaways for being a gay male.  The first is shopping at Banana Republic and the second is liking penis.” 

In all seriousness, while I don’t know of any hetero male that shops at BR, we  can’t really tell if your friends manfriend is gay or not.  Metrosexual guys today are feminine, they buy crappy/overpriced denim, they wear eyeliner, and they listen to sugary music.  Hell, I don’t like sports, and thanks to my daughter being 9, I listen to sugary music when she’s in the car. I am not gay though, because I can’t get past not liking penis.

What I am trying to say is that gay or not, this guy may indeed be mooching off of your friend and if you can get past the “gay or nay” part and make her see the REAL issue, you may be successful.  Talk with her and let her know how you feel about the mooching issue..leave the gay rumor out of it.