Directile Dysfunction

As I drove Olivia to school the other day, the morning show on our radio station was talking about how one DJ will often get lost if she doesn’t follow someone to their gigs.  Other callers called in to also say they got lost and if they stopped, they cannot remember where they had just come from. 

What surprised me is that many of these callers treated it like an incurable disease rather than an issue that can be fixed with patience and effort.

There is no excuse for constantly getting lost. If you can’t remember street names, landmarks, or surroundings, you are a danger to other drivers because just means you are focusing so intently on the road that you do not see what is around you. Know where you are and always remember where you came from..good life lesson.

If you are also afraid to get lost, I’d like to know what about getting lost scares you. This isn’t a horror movie. You won’t be kidnapped by a pack of mutants if you ask for directions, nor will you be found ass up in a ditch if you swing a few blocks in the wrong direction. I got lost almost every day when I moved to Minnesota. Since then, I have been lost in Atlanta, in Florida, in South Carolina, in Dallas Texas, and I even got lost while running in Houston. By allowing yourself to get lost, you see new places and you learn new routes. If your life is always lived on one path, you’re missing out.