With teeth

Daniel wrote:

I’ve been dating this girl for a few months and just had a “WTF was I thinking moment” and am now wondering if I should be with her.  She smokes, her teeth are brown-yellow, and her breath reeks.  I am not a smoker, I have good teeth, and I take care of my mouth.  I honestly can’t say why I ever found her attractive, but I did at some point.  Now, I get the shivers everytime I have to kiss her.  How do I end this on a positive note?


I think you simply chalk this up as a lapse in judgement and end things nicely with her, then move on.  It may not go over well on her end, but that is none of your concern.  You didn’t do anything wrong (neither of you did, technically) and it simply won’t work.  Just let her know that you want to be done (don’t ridicule her teeth or anything) and just let go.

Good luck!