Angeline wrote:


I met a man.  THE man.  If you knew me, and if you knew how I have always been viciously single, your jaw would be on the floor.

He and are much alike, yet different enough to make things interesting.  He is calm and quiet and I am social and more wild.  He calms me down and I like it.  We have the best time with each other no matter what we do. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I can see him and know I want to spend my life with him.

There is also the problem.  He holds me or I look at him and I feel this overwhelming love AND this fear..a fear of him not feeling the same way.  We haven’t talked about a future and we haven’t said the L word, so I guess I am scared.  How do I know I will be loved in return?  How do I know for sure that this guy is “the one”?


Its hard to answer those questions without seeing his side of things, but there is no need to fear the unknown. I know the fear you’re talking about.  Its a “what if I say I love him and he doesn’t feel it” kind of thing.  I am telling you not to fear this because it really is something out of your control.  No one knows if someone they love is “the one”, but we just develop feelings and work hard for the best turnout.

You feel what you feel and there is no harm in expressing it.  Have a discussion with him and see what he ultimately wants. In that conversation, also try to see where the emotions are in all of this.  If you love this man, that’s great, but if he also reveals he loves you, that’s even better!  If he isn’t there yet, don’t let it scare you, just keep things on the path they’re on and don’t rush things.  I hope it works out in your favor!