The herbs..

Huyen wrote:


I know you are a healthy guy, but do herbs and homeopathic things really work?  My mom has been nagging me to take them for years and I just don’t want to put anything in my body that may harm it, so I go to the doctor instead.  Who is right here?


I am a firm believer in finding alternatives to antibiotics, because, in most cases, antibiotics are worse for you than actually strengthening your immune system and letting your body fight off the sickness.  Do I think there is an herb that will magically cure cancer?  Absolutely not… but I DO think there are better ways to fight off things like strep throat and colds than taking doctor prescribed medicines. 

I don’t know what your mom is asking you to take, but I’d research each thing on the internet or ask an herbalist about them.  Herbs and homeopathy don’t work for everyone, but they could potentially be a good (and healthier) alternative for many people.