Grab bag

Marcus wrote:

I have a female friend that I have known all of my life.  We are really close friends and have never crossed that line until recently and now its become weird. 

We were at a bar playing pool and a group of us were all goofing off.  I made a comment about having the “biggest balls” in the group and this girl (my friend) grabbed my sack and said yes they’re a good size.  She has never done anything like that before and now it has me confused.  Deep down I have always liked her but we were “just friends”.  What do I do here?


This is why I have said it is impossible for guys and girls to be “just friends” is always attracted to the other.  You have been attracted to her and didn’t cross the line.  She may or may not have found herself attracted to you, but she did cross the line. 

Its time you two talked.  Explain to her your feelings and also let her know the nut exam blurred the line of friendship and you’d like to know where she is at with things.  You two both may end up revealing feelings for each other or you may put things back on the friend track.  Either way, talking is better than living in a cloud of confusion.