Last weekend I listened to a pastor give a message about service.  His message was simple:  Doing nothing for our fellow man is the same thing as found a bad deed.  Now, in all fairness, his message was talking about helping people in Mozambique, but the message was still important.

I agreed with his viewpoint and I knew what he meant when he talked about helping others with kindness and compassion in moments that it is not possible to help financially.  I am broke.  I’d love to help kids in Mozambique, or anywhere else for that matter, but I am just getting back to my feet and that isn’t possible now.  However, I do my best on a daily basis, to make someone’s life easier or better.

In the game of life, we can’t always make the big plays, but we can make the little plays count.  We can’t be perfect to everyone every single day but we can at least try to make someone’s day better once a day.  Today, I saw a woman at work struggling with a bunch of boxes as she tried to open a door.  Four people around me all looked up at her and went back to their work so I walked over, opened the door, and said, “Here you go..”.  She smiled and thanked me as she walked to throw her boxes in the trash.  I just smiled, nodded,  back went back to work.  I didn’t do it to show up the other 4 people, I didn’t do it for recognition..I did it because we need more smiles in this world.  This is a fact.

In a world where everyone seems to have the “it’s not MY problem” mentality, I think we need to adapt a “this is OUR problem” mentality.  We NEED to help each other out more often.  I am not talking about handing money to the guy on the corner, paying more taxes, or anything like that.  I am saying we just need to stop focusing so hard on our lives and look around at the people that surround us to see what we can do for them.  It can be as simple as offering to help someone carry something, holding a door, standing up for someone who is being bullied, welcoming a stranger, or offering some upbeat conversation to someone that looks a little stressed.  A little goes a long way people.  Let’s start with the small and work up to the big.

Start tomorrow.  Make it count.  Turn it into a habit and watch how much more fulfilling your life can become.