What do you want to do next?

I saw these words scrolled across my browser at work and realized this is a question I know very well. 

“What do you want to do next?”

Its an important question I feel we should be constantly asking ourselves as we learn, grow, and move forward with our lives.  If you aren’t looking at (and planning for) the future and planning the steps you need to reach your goals, you’ve already fallen behind.

In any career, this should be a question you ask yourself as you make business decisions.  If your decisions may jeopardize your future goals,you may then think twice about making that decision. It may also push you to develop your skills, find a new job, or leave a dead end one you have now for something better.

In any relationship, this question should feel familiar as you and your partner grow together individually and as a couple.  Is marriage in the future? Kids? A house?  You should be looking forward and planning for the future, no matter if its coming soon or still in the distance.  The quality of person you attract is based upon the person you are and the person you will be.  If you only live in the now, how can you expect anyone to see a future with you?

In health terms, this question can help you reach new fitness goals.  Will you study new fitness techniques?  Will you give up fad diets and develop an exercise plan that works? Will you run a marathon? Your body is a canvass and you are the only person capable of making it a work of art.

Remember this phrase and ask yourself often.  Where you are in ten years depends on the planning you do and the work you put in to make it happen.

So, what do YOU want to do next?