Playing house.

Anonymous wrote:


My boyfriend and I are looking for our first place together.  I am set on a house/townhome but my boyfriend wants an apartment because he says it would be easier.  Who do you think is right here?



This isn’t a matter of right or wrong here, this is a matter of preference.  You didn’t answer the email I sent you to clarify, so I am going to guess that you want a house because you’re thinking long term (marriage, kids, a yard) and he is thinking more short term (apartments are easy and have no maintenance so you have more time for each other).  If marriage and kids is something that is coming sooner or later, you may have a better plan, but if that is on the distant horizon then they boyfriend may have the right idea.

Either way, you two need to sit down and find out where you see things going.  When do you see things heading to marriage?  When do kids come along?  Is it time to be young and just enjoy each other’s company?  Are you or the bf finishing school?  Talk with each other and figure things will eventually be on the same page.