Comedy of errors

Anonymous WA wrote,

My boyfriend is really bad at trying to be funny.  To give you an image, think of the “light a fart” scene from Dumb and Dumber but put it at a wedding-with no one laughing- and you’ll have my boyfriend’s sense of humor.

I’ll admit, he wasn’t like this at first, but two months into our relationship and he’s pissed off most of my relatives or made them feel uncomfortable around him.  How do I tell him to tone down the comedy because we’ve had enough?

Anonymous WA

Anonymous WA,
You don’t tell a comedian to tone down the humor, you either end the show or you heckle them until they realize they are being more hurtful than funny.

From what it seems, your husband has crossed the line more than a few times.  So, why hasn’t anyone laid into him about it by now?  Chances are, you’re afraid of hurting his feelings or you’re letting his “spotlight” overshadow things for a reason (unhappy marriage/relationship, personal issues, etc) so you can turn everyone’s negativity on that rather than the other issue.

If his humor bothers you, don’t stand for it.  Let him know his “funny” isn’t funny and ask him to be more respectful.  If there is a deeper issue boiling under it all, its time you addressed that, don’t you think? 


P.S. If deeper issues are the case, feel free to send me another email.


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