That friend..

Ryan wrote:

Hey man,
I have to ask for some advice.  I am getting engaged soon and have been talking with my guy friends about it.  The guy I’d like to make my best man is my all time best friend, but he can be such an ass around women.  He is married, which would wise most men up, but this guy (drunk OR sober) manages to make women feel uncomfortable.  If there is an attractive woman around, he gets weird.  I am asking for advice because I don’t know what do to.  Do I make him a best man and have him potentially screw up a wedding reception and bachelor party or do I pass on him and pick someone else?


Congratulations Ryan, I think you are the first guy to think that far in advance about a marriage.  Your future wife should be proud.

All kidding aside though, you face what I call the kickball dilemma, which is, “do I pick my friend just because he is my friend or do I pick the guy with skill”?  Personally, if this guy stands a good chance of wrecking your bachelor party AND ruining a reception, he’d be my last choice, no matter how good of a friend he was.  However, if you think he can be coached (and if you think his wife or your bride to be can verbally put his balls in a vice about being appropriate), then I say its worth a shot.  He is a friend after all, and I think a friend should know (or be taught) how to be respectful for another friend.