Dg33 wrote:

Congrats on the relationship.  I personally would have thought you’d be single for longer, but I am happy for you!  I am writing to ask for advice.  I really like this girl I work with.  We haven’t ever really talked, but about a month ago, we fooled around at a party.  Now, I can’t stop thinking of her though and its driving me crazy.  I found out she has a bf now and as hurt as I am, I can’t stop thinking of her.  Am I obsessed?  What do I do?


You are obsessed.  If she has obviously moved on and is in a relationship, you need to wake up and realize that your “messing around” was a one time thing and she may not have even known you had deeper intentions.  You need to let her go, stop obsessing over what you can’t have, and move on.  If it happens later, fine..but for now, just let her see where things go with her bf without you interfering.