Family business

Angel wrote:

Hopefully you can help me Sean.  I am a newlywed and my husband and I can’t stop bickering about our finances.  We aren’t under a huge amount of debt or anything, but he wants to do house things,  I want more fun money, etc., and we don’t see eye to eye.  Have any advice?


A marriage or a family is much like a business.  They both have revenue, they both have costs, they have a forecast/budget, and some may even have an “open to buy” fund.  If someone loses their job, it reduces revenue (and the open to buy fund)..if someone doesn’t budget, bills can get out of hand… if someone doesn’t control costs, it can mean the end of stability.  I think you get what I am saying.

I recommend you sit down with your husband and plan our your financial budget.  Figure out your NEEDS vs WANTS (fun money is NOT a need), and plan out a good 6 months ahead of time.  Life always throws curveballs, so a little extra in savings and your 401k wouldn’t hurt either.  If all is said and done and you don’t have fun money, you’ll either need to find an additional source of income (no..slave labor of the kids is not an option), or you’ll need to find a way to make some cuts.   Good luck!