Sweet corn

While dining on sweet corn tonight, I had a thought:  Life is amazing.  This year has been amazing.  I found love with a girl that also has a great family (no I am not sucking up..they really are cool), I lost a bad job and gained a better one.  I returned to church.  I learned a million new things about myself, health, and gluten free eating (for those that don’t know, my girlfriend has celiac disease and can’t eat gluten).  I have also taken steps in planning for future events and feel that I am covering my bases there as well…AND..I have managed to keep blogging through all of this.

All in all, its been a busy year..and a great one, but its not over yet.  I still have some recipes I promised you (though, they’ve changed and been replaced by gluten free options).

The first one coming is a paleo diet chocolate chip cookie.  You will love it.  More advice to follow as well!