Weird stuff in the media lately.  First, Chik-Fil-a (I hope I spelled it weird like they do) put out a news release condemning gay marriage (and have continued to dig a deeper hole)…THEN, Target, who faced a backlash of epic proportions for donating to anti-gay political groups started rolling out wedding registry marketing with gay couples, leaving the public wondering if their stance has changed or if its just a PR cover-up and an attempt to win back jilted customers. Now, I can’t pretend I know what its like to be gay and I don’t know what it feels like to be persecuted by the public for who I am, but I DO know what its like to be in love.  I know how wonderful it is to love someone so much it hurts, and if I couldn’t be with someone (who hadnt broken any laws or done anything wrong) because of who they were, I’d be upset as well.  I think companies today need to either accept gay marriage or stay silent.  Its not for any kind of movement and I am not saying religious views shouldn’t be considered, but a company isn’t one person..a company is only as strong as its customers, and to drive away a customer base simply because they are who they are should signal the end of that company. Corporations are not people and need to stay away from politics. Take care of your customers, and they will take care of you.. regardless of their gender, sexuality, or religious views.