Hold on to your seats..

I don’t really know how to explain this to 13000+ readers, but since my family and my Facebook friends know, I thought I should share the news..

I am engaged!

Yes, its to the woman that I posted about not too long ago, and yes, we are excited.  No dates solidified for the services yet (I am throwing that in there because I don’t want 13000 emails all asking that question ), but we are taking things one step at a time.  She is an amazing woman and I am lucky she feels the way she does about me.  She comes from an amazing family and my family adores her as well.  Everything just fell into place with her and I have never been happier. 

It will be a busy 12 months, but I will continue posting what I can, I will throw in any learnings I pick up by being involved in the wedding process, and I will share whatever I can about the joys of being engaged. 

For now, its been informing friends and family and searching for a nice venue for the ceremony and reception while at the same time attending family events through out July and August.  As a result of all of the busy weekends, I will be stepping away from Vitamin Shoppe (my part time weekend job) with the hope of having more time to get everything done.  This doesn’t mean I will fall behind on my fitness and health posts..in fact, it will probably increase those posts because I have set a personal goal of what I’d like to look like by my wedding day, and I don’t intend on failing.  🙂

Anyway, I just thought I’d give you the update.  Apologies for the lack of posts lately, but you may now understand what’s been keeping me away.