Tall complaint

I am relatively tall.  I stand about 6 foot 2 inches tall, which is not tall enough to have my own weather system, but it is tall enough to make bathroom visits uncomfortable.  I am not alone in my height and there are even taller men, so why are men’s room urinals always have the divider between the two urinals set at the shoulder height of a 5 year old..IF they even have a divider at all? Nearly every time I pee, I feel like I can see right over the divider, so I end up “crooked parking” in the urinal (standing off to the far opposite side of the guy next to me) when I pee. I don’t want to make eye contact with the guy next to me while peeing and I don’t want to see his wang (or him to see mine), so I can’t figure out why these things exist, other than just a splash guard for people with horrible urinary aim. Every time I stand there and some moron comes in next to me and says, “Hey, didja see the Twins game last night?”, and making small talk, I feel like shouting, “Don’t look at me!”, and “Stop talking!”, because I feel any important conversation that needs to happen can take place when our respective junk is not in our respective hands.

Something needs to change. Maybe we need taller maintenance men to set an appropriate height of these dividers, maybe we just need more lengthy dividers, or maybe we men can learn to not look at each other and chat while peeing…in any event, we need to fix this. Maybe a woman can add some irony to this and fix a male issue by being entrepreneurial and starting her own “tall pee guard” company. Let’s make it happen….please. I have to pee.


One thought on “Tall complaint

  1. Ha ha! Being a 5 foot 1 inch tall woman, my feet don’t touch the ground while sitting in most public restrooms. Different situation but yet seems a little similar with needing someone of different heights needing to test drive the stalls before installation. Too funny.

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